In the year 2001, there was a massive shortage of drinking water in this village PALAJ. Palaj Bore WellVillagers have to search for water in faar away areas. Mostly who were having bore wells in their Agri lands, were using this source for drinking water. The common people were suffering for Shortage in Drinking Water. Villagers have decided to take (Dugg) a Bore well in nearby to this Ganpati  Mandir (Temple). It’s a Great miracle or the Trust of Villagers, that a Fountain (Karanja, or Self Pouring of water) of water came from that Bore well. Without using any lifting system (electric motor) water was coming about 2 feet above the ground level. And the water thrusts of Villagers come to end by the Blessings of Ganpati, and the faith converted into Devotion. Still that Bore Well is Pouring water constantly.


Many people from Panchkroshi, came here to get their desires fulfil from Ganpati. Most of Desires,  Mudupu the people get their desires by way of “PUTRA SANTHAMAM”. They use to offer a Will (Mudupu), After getting Fulfil ness in their Wishes (Desires) they put on their offerings and open their Mudupu. with Cheers and Tears in their Eyes (Anandashru).

These wishes are generally  For Marriages, Putra Santhanam, Highier Studies, Construction of New House, Purches of Agril Land etc.

I know one person; Mr. Deva (Name changed) has offered a Mudupu, within a period One year he is blessed with a Putra Santhanam (Son) by This Ganpati. (Real Name of that boy is Sri Narayan)


One thought on “Miracles

  1. famous artist rajkumar vithalrao udharwar also prayed in his mind to create a statue of ganeshji in his farm if he get sucess after getting sufficient water after digging by borewell machine , and he fianlly sucedded and made a new history by making a 2 quintal cement statue in his own farm , the instreting thing is that he never made such a haevy statue before and miracle is that for nonstop nearly 11 days water was coming out of borewell automatically. only with the blessing of ganeshji and inspiration of the family members fianlly made ganeshji statue. borewell water

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